About us


We are a graphic design and web marketing company that specializes in making the design process clear, easy to understand and functional. We know you’re busy. We know you want results. That’s why we’re here! We work as a strong customer advocate, tying creative services together with sales, marketing and a sound business strategy.

Graphic Beans is 100% focused on your results: designing the client-agency relationship to empower and deliver while structuring its own staff and operations to most efficiently and effectively support and serve each client individually.

To those ends, we run lean. We run fast. We bring all our insight, experience and positivity to everything we do.

Most importantly, we leave our egos at the door and embrace collaboration, conscious creation and progressive ideas – no matter where they come from. We talk your talk and we’re easy to understand.

Discover how we can make your website a gateway to increased profits.


Katrina Wagner – The Head Bean

Katrina Wagner brings her expertise, optimism and deep caring to every Graphic Beans client. With almost two decades experience in graphic design and business, she is the powerhouse behind the Graphic Beans philosophy.

Katrina’s passion for helping businesses grow stems from her own experiences as a small business owner.

She knows what it’s like to struggle through the many transitions and growing pains business owners have to navigate as they move up in the marketplace.

Quite simply, she is a force for excellence – and she hopes you are too. You can communicate with her directly at katrina@graphicbeans.com.

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Karl Wagner – Business Development

Karl Wagner uses his more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing to help our clients build stronger, more profitable businesses.

A lover of systems and a hater of waste, Karl uses his laser beam focus to zero in what might be keeping a small businesses from jumping to the next level in their development.

On any given day he might be volunteering with the SPCA, riding his bicycle or traveling in Europe, but you can count on at least part of his brain to be solving problems and coming up with new business ideas at the same time.

If you can use Karl’s insight into your small business, you can reach him at karl@graphicbeans.com.