Firewall Plan



A cloud-based Website Application Firewall (WAF) stops website hacks and attacks. Constant research improves our detection and mitigation of evolving threats, and you can add your own custom rules.

  • Instantly Block Hackers
  • DDoS Mitigation and Prevention
  • Virtual Patching and Hardening
  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Prevent Zero-Day Exploits



Your site will also be faster with a built in Content Delivery Network (CDN). Built on a global network of secure data centers, your visitors, customers, and search engines will notice a dramatic improvement.

  • Smart Caching Options
  • Fast HTTP/2 Support
  • Resource Optimization via GZIP Compression
  • Reduced Server Load
  • Works with Other CDNs

Get the protection of a Firewall today for $10/mth:

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